October 21, 2008 - 7:24 a.m.
The Big M
Well, Iím already married soÖ I am referring to the mammogram. Yep. I had my first one last week in honor of my 37th birthday. Damn just seeing the number there is weird. Seems so different from 36. And doesnít it mean I no longer have to stop loading groceries and wrangling my toddler to find my purse under the bread and eggs to fish out my wallet so the cashier can have my freaking idea to confirm that Iím 21. Get some fucking glasses and a clue people. Honestly, I donít care the argument. Iím nearing 40 and Iím cranky and it pisses me off already. Anyway, I had a mammogram last week. It wasnít that bad. The side shots were a little uncomfortable but the front ones I barely noticed. I did notice that my right, larger breast, confirmed to be quite a bit larger by the tech who did the thing, was more tender by the procedure and more uncomfortable. So I guess if you got big ones it can be grueling. Itís pretty fast though and I was probably more bothered by the instructions to not wear any deodorant or lotion. They did have little deodorants for after though. Thoughtful. The results are in already too and everything is a-okay! Whew. The test was just a baseline so we certainly were not expecting anything but it is still a relief. And the first at my age, well I have 2 maternal aunts and a first cousin and a paternal grandmother that make for a significant family history. The Christina Applegate thing made me edgy so I asked at my annual about whether I should have one and got a resounding yes.

Meanwhile, I have to scadaddle (how on earth do you spell that?) as my graduate advisor is in town to give a talk. I havenít seen him since my thesis defense. Itís great to have him here and Iím excited to show him around and all that jazz today. Should be fun!

Note: I actually made this entry on Friday morning but my internet crapped out while I was writing it. Iíll update about that visit soon and the rather sad revelation that we may just very well decide to stick with the one kid.

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