January 28, 2009 - 8:23 a.m.
A star is born.
A student of mine is studying abroad next semester and last night we, the fam, joined him and another student of mine at our local tavern for a little farewell thing. When we walked in we were met with very loud live music. I wasn't overjoyed by this, mainly because it is just so loud, for chatting with others or even listening to. It seemed unusual for there to be live music so early in the evening too as that usually begins after or around the time that we are leaving.

Well. The second we walked in L was completely enthralled. She sat on her chair and just stared at first. By the second song she was grooving a little. And after that she was definitely getting down. There is a little dance floor in front of the low stage and we were sitting right across from it. I told her at one point that she could go dance if she wanted and the words had barely left my mouth and she was out of her chair. At first she just swayed and bopped next to our table but then she got a green light to actually go to the floor and she was gone. It was pretty darn cute. There was another little girl there too, probably a few years older, and they both danced for a while. The guy with the guitar and a drummer that constituted the band even played a few songs for them. They also came over during their break to talk to L and us. Later during their next set she got up to dance again and the drummer gave her a set of marraccas to play. At one point I heard her tell the guitar player that she sings too. Heh. She does but not well.

How I wish I could harness this spirit and save some in a bottle and give it back to her when she is 15 or 35 or whenever she may ever need a booster. Maybe she never will. I certainly did. In fact, I could use some right now.

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