June 03, 2010 - 8:16 p.m.
I am reliving my youth. I have a Monday deadline and I am scrambling to finish my assignment on time. I guess some things just never change no matter what. I've had the assignment for about a month and yet I only started to think about tackling it yesterday. The good news I am much more efficient then my youthful self and thus I am nearly half done. I may even finish before the weekend if I play my cards right. I probably wouldn't be that motivated to do it at all considering it was voluntary on my part and it is taking up way more time than I thought it would--time that would be much more useful spent in a zillion other ways. But it's a paying gig and I'm a giant whore. 200 smackaroos. I'm kind of a cheap whore at that. Thank goodness money can buy happiness.

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