January 27, 2009 - 9:47 a.m.
Whatever will be will be.
I'm not sure why I am not letting this diary die once and for all. It's like a first love to me and it's so sad to see it go. At least if I was active in a new venue it mightn't be so tough but I really do pine for days of regular postings and I guess I associate that with this joint. It's a pretty sorry state in here these days though. Of my list of buddies a small handful continue to update. I watched over the last week or so as my updater reported my progress to the last post over 3 months ago mark. Oddly, I only felt compelled today, a good 3-4 days later, to come and reset the counter.

A snowstorm is a coming! We bought a cord of seasoned wood that was probably inexpensive for a reason as it was definitely wet and only split the day we got it. It's disheartening and our love of our fireplace is sorry, empty shell for now. Snowstorms really make me want firewood. We need to get what hasn't been sheltered, easily 2/3s, inside or covered before the snow comes too. That will be no picnic.

I rejoined Weight Watchers yesterday. Sort of. I'm doing the online one and I'm currently in the free trial. I like it so far and I had my biggest success with WW: 50 pounds! I have 20 that just won't budge and I'm at a loss for what to do. I need a helping hand. And I need to spend some money on the endeavor as that tends to be an excellent incentive for me.

L is doing pretty good. After 3 months in tots she has been promoted to beginner's gymnastics. The biggest difference is supposed to be independence but man there is a wicked big difference in what they want them to do. We're really not sure it's a good idea but there is definitely lots of room for her to grow into this, she did plateau in the old one for the most part, and she liked it and said she wanted to stay in it. So I guess we'll keep trying it. I'm still trying to find a dance class but it's mid season and I think we'll have to wait until... sometime. I never know how these things work. I also put her on a waiting list at a local nursery school. I'm told the list is short so I'm hopeful. We still don't need child care, per se, but she craves social interactions so much that I had to look for something.

We've had some major troubles and set backs in a variety of other parts of our lives. Mostly financial. Everything seems like such a hardship these days and I can never figure out where the damn money is going. We've been paying at least 2 bills per month with credit cards for a while now and that is not a long-term solution. I've tried to be really smart at the grocery store and cut all extraneous spending. I'm not sure how well it worked yet but I think I managed to knock about 300 bucks off that part of things this month. Recently my extraordinarily high capped monthly oil bill was dropped about 25%. That should help too. At least there shouldn't be a tax bill this year for a change but I got my mortgage interest forms and it's only about 4k more than last year and we didn't even come close to being able to do itemized deductions with a benefit over the allotted amount. Maybe next year when the retirement thing gets going.

Anyway, that's it for now. Three months in a nutshell. Classes start next week and I still have a scary amount of prep to do for the 2 classes I'm teaching. That never changes I guess.

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